What are the session times ?

The afternoon session is (3.20pm-6.00pm) and morning session is (8am-9am).

Who can attend COSH ?

Any child who attends Chorlton Park Primary, from Nursery through to Year 6 can be registered with COSH. However, due to high demand, we cannot offer casual places on a day-to-day basis. Children can come to any number and combination of sessions, but only on a regular and pre-booked basis.

What are the chances of my child getting a place in COSH ?

The scheme is very popular and our places are limited. The number of places is governed by the available space and amenities in school and the requirements of OFSTED. So we operate a waiting list. The biggest turnover is at the end of the school year when many children leave to go to secondary school, however places do become available throughout the year. So don’t be discouraged, get your children’s names down early.

What is the policy for allocation of places ?

Children on our waiting list will be offered sessions at COSH, in the following order of priority:

1. Children already attending a session / sessions at COSH
2. Siblings of children already attending COSH
3. All other children on the waiting list, based on how long they have been on the waiting list.

So, please consider these two very important points:

Put your child’s name on the waiting list as soon as possible – it is never too early.

If possible, be flexible on the sessions you are willing to take at the start. Remember, once your child has a place in COSH, they move higher up the waiting list for the sessions you really want.

What are the fees ?

For the school year Sept 12 to July 13, the fees are £4.00 for a morning session and £8.40 for an afternoon session.

How can fees be paid ?

We ask that fees are paid in advance, through a monthly standing order or electronic childcare vouchers. This helps to reduce administrative costs.

Fees must be made in full by the end of July otherwise parents will lose the place for their child in the following year.

Does COSH accept Childcare Vouchers ?

Yes we do. COSH is registered with a number of childcare voucher providers. If your childcare vouchers are with another provider, COSH will be happy to register, to enable you to use your vouchers.

What are the costs of running COSH ?

The majority of our income goes to pay staff salaries. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best play workers to look after our children. We also pay rent to school, to help towards the maintenance of the premises and there are the costs for food / snacks and the resources needed for the childrens’ activities.

How can I find out more about COSH ?

If you would like to reserve a place or to find out more about COSH, drop in to the COSH room any school day between 3.20 and 6pm and ask for Andrea (play leader) or Julie (operational manager). Alternatively, give them a ring on 0161 881 0100 or 07743276888 during COSH hours.

Can I visit COSH before applying for a place ?

If you’re interested in securing a COSH place please enquire in the COSH room any school day from 3.20pm to 6pm or call 0161 881 0100 or 07743276888 during this time. We will be happy to arrange for a member of staff to take you around and see COSH in action.

How do children get to / from COSH ?

At the end of the morning session children up to and including year two are taken from COSH to their classrooms. Older children make their own way to the classroom.

At the end of the school day children in Nursery through to Year 2 are collected and taken to COSH. Children in Year 3 upwards make their own way to COSH. All children must register on arrival.

What happens when children are collected from COSH ?

Please note: No one under age 16 will be allowed to collect a child from COSH.

COSH are authorised to allow only those persons identified as parents or carers on the registration form to collect children. In an emergency, a parent or carer must inform the senior play worker if a different person is collecting the child. If a child is going home with another person COSH staff must be informed and a password must be used.

Parents and carers are asked to sign out your child when collecting them from COSH. The signing out sheet is on the desk in COSH.

What happens if I am going to be late ?

If at all possible, arrangements should be made for somebody else to collect your child and COSH informed before the child is collected.

All children must be collected by 6.00pm. Failure to collect by this time causes difficulty and inconvenience to the COSH staff, which will result in imposing the late collection fee. Not collecting your child by 6pm may result in the unnecessary implementation of special emergency procedures. If possible and you know you will not be at COSH for 6pm, please inform staff at COSH.

Is there a late parent fee ?

There will be a charge of £10.00 up to half an hour and £20.00 up to an hour.

What is a typical COSH session like ?

On arrival children put their book bags and coats away. They can help themselves to a drink and a snack such as sandwiches and fruit. Soup is available in winter. They can choose from a series of activities, eg food preparation, like decorating biscuits; a make & do arts project, such as making masks; watching a movie on dvd or playing a board game. They may choose simply to relax by reading or chatting to a school friend. When the weather’s suitable there are games and sports including cricket, football and badminton outside. Space to run around or play games is always available in the infant hall and it’s especially popular when it’s raining. All activities are supervised but tend to be informal. COSH is not ‘more school’ or ‘compulsory playtime’. Your child can unwind in his or her own way and have fun. Children are expected to respect one another and to be considerate.

Does COSH operate during School Holidays ?

COSH sessions only run during term times, except on bank holidays. We do not offer holiday play schemes, although there are normally alternatives available in the local area, such as BOSH (Brookburn Out of School Hours) and a number of sport camps.

Does COSH operate during Teacher Training Days ?

COSH aim to offer care provision at the school, on teacher training days. This provision is available to all children attending Chorlton Park Primary, not just those who normally attend COSH. Our ability to offer this provision, is dependent on there being sufficient children requiring care, for COSH to cover the costs of the day. We will ask parents in advance to register their interest, then we will give as much notice as possible on whether or not we are able to run.

What are the COSH Opening Hours ?

The morning session is 8.00am-9.00am. Children must be brought to the COSH entrance, ring the doorbell and a COSH member of staff will let the child in.

The afternoon session is 3.20pm-6.00pm

COSH operates on weekdays during term-time, except for bank holidays.

Does COSH have any form of insurance ?

The scheme is covered by public liability insurance. A copy of the certificate is on display in the COSH club room.

Do I have to give notice when my child is going to finish at COSH ?

A month’s notice of termination is required. A form can be obtained from a COSH member of staff or you may get in touch with the COSH administrator.

Do I get a refund if my child is sick or absent ?

No refunds are available for your child’s sickness or absences.

Fees are not refundable in the event of an unexpected closure of COSH by the school.

Where do the children play ?

COSH is run from the community room in the Foundation Stage building at the school. We use the school premises, the school playground and the park field, immediately outside the COSH entrance. Children are also regularly taken to the playground in the park.

What if I know my child will be absent from COSH ?

Children’s absences due to sickness or any other reason must be reported to the senior play worker or another member of staff before 3.00pm if possible on the day in question. If COSH are not informed of this in advance the child is presumed missing. The Lost Children policy would then be followed which could result in COSH staff contacting the police.

What if my child is attending another After school activity when they should be at COSH ?

If your child will be attending an after school activity, it is important staff are aware of this. COSH staff will then be able to collect the child after the activity has finished.

How can I contribute to the running of COSH ?

COSH is not run by the School. COSH is run by parents and carers of the children who attend COSH. The COSH management committee are very keen to encourage the involvement and support of all parents to assist with aspects of the running the scheme. Parents and carers are welcome and encouraged to attend committee meetings. COSH is a non profit making organisation and as such aims to keep its fees low. Parent and carer support is therefore essential to ensure that the scheme continues.

What activities are available at COSH ?

Activities in the after school club are a free choice. There is plenty to do books to read, TV to watch, computer games to play. Craft activities are set each day, a menu of what we will be doing is on display on the parent board. Children are free to create their own craft activities. A wide range of outdoor equipment is available to use in the playground or park. If possible children should have slippers to wear inside if their shoes are muddy.

Will my child have a Key worker ?

Each child will have his/her own key worker, with whom they can discuss any problems they may have or say which activities they have enjoyed the most. Please inform staff of any suggestions for activities or equipment you or your children think that will be appreciated. COSH will Liase with school regarding any issues involving your child.

How do I make a complaint ?

We hope there will never be a need for you to make a complaint. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss these with any of the COSH staff, or a member of the management committee.

COSH has a complaints policy, available through this website, or from a member of staff.

This policy is compliant with OFSTED regulations.

OFSTED also have a complaints policy.

What is COSH’s approach to the safety and protection of the children ?

Safeguarding is sometimes also referred to as Child Protection. The welfare, safety and protection of children are paramount. Staff will be aware of their roles and responsibilities towards those in their care and will understand through staff training the procedures they must follow if they have concerns about any child.

COSH has a number of policies around safeguarding, health and safety.


COSH members of staff and the management committee will take positive steps to promote the safety of all children within school and on outings and will take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents. Risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis. Adequate levels of security, supervision and fire safety will be maintained all children are expected to wear a Hi Viz vest during outdoor play so that they are easily recognized in playground during busy times. COSH members of staff receive health and safety training for their working environment.


COSH members of staff and the management committee take positive action to promote the good health of children and take positive steps to prevent the spread of infection and appropriate measures when they are ill. All staff are expected to achieve a first aid qualification and first aid equipment is stored on the premises out of reach of the children.

Staff follow national standards and procedures for hygiene, food handling, first aid storage and administration of medicines, accidents and cares for sick children. In the event of a child attending COSH becoming sick or ill the sickness policy procedure will be followed.


If medication has to be given to a child, ask staff for a medication consent form. The medication will be administered only by the senior play worker or a person delegated by the senior play worker. It is the responsibility of the parent to supply the child’s medication to be stored in a locked cabinet.

What if my child has lost something at COSH ?

While COSH will make every effort to help avoid this situation, property does get lost from time to time. We advise that you label your child’s belongings. Lost property is situated at the entrance to COSH in storage boxes. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please let a member of staff know.

What about Equal Opportunities?

COSH aims to ensure that all staff, volunteers, children and parents are treated with respect. Diversity in terms of race, class, gender, disability, belief system and age is valued by all. All children are included and their individual differences acknowledged and valued by all. Resources used reflect positive images of culture, gender and disability.

What about children with Special Needs?

The management committee and COSH staff will be aware that some children have special needs and will take appropriate action to ensure that any such child is identified and the appropriate steps taken to address their needs and promote development in partnership with other relevant parties.

Does COSH have a Behaviour policy ?

COSH has a policy on behavioural management. This is available through the policies section of the website, or from the COSH room.

Where can I access COSH Policies ?

COSH policies are available through this website. Copies are also available in the COSH club room. Just ask a member of staff if you are not sure where to find them.

We aim to keep our policies up to date and as clear and concise as possible.

Why do I need to complete a Consent Form ?

When a child first starts at COSH, we ask for a consent form to be completed. This is to help COSH ensure that we can comply as closely as possible, to the wishes of the child’s parents / carers.

How can I contact COSH ?

This is our address:

Chorlton Park Primary School
Barlow Moor Road
M21 7HH

Our phone numbers, during session times:

0161 881 0100


The COSH administrator’s email is admin@COSHclub.co.uk

The main team email is theteam@COSHclub.co.uk

Is COSH registered with OFSTED ?

COSH is registered with OFSTED as a provider of Childcare on non-domestic premises on the Early Years Register, the compulsory part of the Childcare Register and the voluntary part of the Childcare Register.

Is COSH run by Chorlton Park Primary ?

No. COSH is an independent company, run as a not for profit cooperative, with a management committee made up of parents / carers and members of COSH staff. Although the scheme is managed separately from the school, we enjoy an excellent and mutually beneficial relationship. COSH depends on the school for its generous support. COSH senior staff and the chairperson liaise regularly with the school’s senior staff and management team.

What is the Management Committee ?

The management committee is made up of parents / carers and members of COSH staff. The committee is elected each year at an AGM and is formally and legally responsible for overseeing the operation of COSH. Without the involvement of parents / carers, COSH would not be able to run.

How many staff does COSH have ?

The COSH team consists of 6 permanent members of staff, plus staff who work for COSH on a regular, casual basis. In addition, we regularly have volunteers and work experience students helping the team.

Our team is led by Andrea, our senior play worker and Julie, our operational manager.

Are staff CRB checked ?

Yes – all staff, and the management committee, undergo CRB checks.

What about food and drink in COSH ?

COSH staff ensure that children are provided with a healthy snack and drinks during the session. If your child has any dietary requirements or food allergies they must be recorded on the registration form. Menus are displayed on the parent board. A sample menu is available is through the forms/useful documents section of this website.

What about confidentiality ?

COSH operate a confidentiality policy. Whilst working for COSH, staff and management members may see and hear things of a confidential nature including information about children and their parent/carers. No member of staff will divulge this information to anyone outside the organisation unless connected to the child protection policy.